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Take our new Ellie Crisell quiz to test your knowledge about Ellie. Get more that 8 out of 10 to achieve the title of Ellie's Biggest Fan. When you've selected an answer for each question, click on the button underneath to calculate your score. Afterwards, click here to see the answers.

  1. Where was Ellie born?

  2. Devon
    County Durham

  3. How many brothers and sisters does Ellie have?

  4. 2 sisters, 1 brother
    0 sisters, 3 brothers
    1 sister, 0 brothers
    No brothers or sisters

  5. When did Ellie first start presenting Newsround?

  6. 2001

  7. What is Ellie's favourite colour?

  8. Dark Green
    Sky Blue

  9. What are Ellie's favourite hobbies?

  10. Music, Films, Dancing, Fashion
    Music and Eating Out
    Hockey, Fashion, Stamp Collecting
    Rock Climbing and Parachuting

  11. What is Ellie's favourite food?

  12. Pizza

  13. Who is Ellie's favourite actor?

  14. Tom Hanks
    Jack Nicholson
    Charlie Chaplin
    Brad Pitt

  15. Ellie once worked as a...

  16. Waitress in New York
    Pizza Delivery Girl
    Dance Instructor

  17. Before joining Newsround, which regional television station did Ellie read the news on?

  18. Central
    Tyne Tees

  19. Which newspaper has Ellie worked for in the past?

  20. Mail on Sunday
    The Sun
    The Times
    The Independent


Finished? Click the button below to calculate your score and see how you did. On the next screen, click 'Give me more' to see the correct answers to the quiz.

What you need:

8-10 correct - Congratulations! You've earned the title of 'Ellie's Biggest Fan'.

4-7 correct - Not bad! You know a lot about Ellie, but still have a little work to do before earning the title of Ellie's biggest fan.

0-3 correct - You've started on the quest to becoming Ellie's biggest fan, but have much work ahead. Hint: All of the answers can be found in different sections of the site.


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